Children’s Programme

Bringing vulnerable children back into education and away from child labour, child marriage and a life on the streets.

Children are Zambia's future...

The Anglican Children's Programme in Zambia was set up to nurture and empower orphans, vulnerable children and their families for a brighter future.

What we do...

The Anglican Children's Programme aims to bring vulnerable children back into the education system and away from child labour, early marriage and often – in the towns and cities – a life on the streets. 

We have set up transitional schools to help young street children adjust to a more normal life, so that when they move back into full-time education, they can integrate more easily. 

In Chama, a very remote, rural district of north-eastern Zambia, we are helping to build the first secondary school for girls in a District where there are over 350,000 women and children who currently have little no access to secondary education.


A short video by The Livingstone Initiative about the ACP's Chama Project... 
 We helping to build the first secondary school for vulnerable girls and orphans in a remote district of north-eastern Zambia, 
where currently there is a prevalence of early pregnancies and child marriage.

How we do it...


It is important that children across Zambia have the opportunity to learn to read and write.  We are working to bring about change. To bring vulnerable children back into education by creating more access to education and building schools, at the same time as helping their families to find new sources of legitimate income.


By working with both Zambian and overseas organisations to ensure we obtain expert advice fo ensure that we move forward in a pragmatic and achievable way, making certain we stay on track to complete lonmg-term success.


Working with Communities

By nurturing and building strong relationships within communities to bring much-needed and wanted support to ensure long-term sustainable benefits for their vulnerable children and families.

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Our Values

We work with all who share our vision in building lives for children and their families. We support all children who meet the criteria for selection without discriminating any grounds of race, religion or colour.

'Street kids' deserve a chance...

We want them to be able to smile again!