Community-based rehabilitation

  1. The Programme identifies and rehabilitates orphans and vulnerable children within the local community. It is said that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Children need to grow within a community. The involvement of the Community is very important in helping the traumatised children to regain their confidence and get a feeling that there are people who care. Institutionalising children is not the best action and is left as the last solution.

  2. The Programme conducts psycho-social counselling to abused orphans and vulnerable children within the local community.

  3. The Programme hopes to provide seed funding for income generating activities for orphans, vulnerable children and vulnerable households.

Community Awareness campaigns

  1. Through the help of the community and its structures, the Project volunteer staff organize and hold community meetings to raise awareness within the communities about HIV and AIDS, child abuse, defilement, child labour, destitution and human trafficking. These campaigns are done through drama, focus group discussion, door to door visitations, etc.

  2. We encourage participation in commemorating particular thematic days such World Day Against Child Labour, Day of an African Child, World AIDS Day. This helps to team up with other people who may offering similar interventions in the country and the world at large.

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