Formal Education

  1. The Project provides education to orphans and vulnerable children at our community Schools in Chelston and Ng’ombe.

  2. For the purposes of sustainability, the School has open its doors to other children whose parents are able to make a contribution to the School.

  3. Due to high levels of illiteracy, we have opened an adult literacy class at St. Agnes’ Church. This helps to teach both men and women how to read and write. We have 30 women who have enrolled and another group is on the waiting list.

Non-Formal Education and Skills Training

  1. For orphans and vulnerable children who might not feel comfortable with the formal school education, we offer them an opportunity to be either a part of the adult literacy class or enrolled into informal education and relevant skills training, such as bakery, chicken or quails rearing, block making, etc.

  2. The Project encourages income generating ventures both at the Anglican Street Children's Project centre and in the community such as poultry keeping, agriculture and tailoring amongst others, in order to enhance self-reliance. We believe that such community programmes can only be sustain with income generating activities, the importance of which could raise resources for the centre and the children, while at the same time offering a skill to the young people.


Young Zambian boy in class

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