St Mary's School for Girls, Chama

Father Katete, Director of the Anglican Street Children's Programme is hugely excited with progress on this new school for vulnerable girls and orphans in Tembwe District, Chama, a district in north-eastern Zambia where girls have until now had little or no opportunity of a secondary education, but instead have looked forward to a future of child marriage.

With the help of The David Livingstone Bicentenary and Livingstone 2013 Initiative, we have been incredibly fortunate to have received not only two amazingly generous donations from the UK totalling £20,000, but also the help of St Mary's Calne girls, who came out to Zambia in October 2014 to help build this new school. By the time they left at the end of their trip, they had completed the ablution block and almost completed the first 24-bed dormitory. These girls who gave up their half-term holiday in the UK to come out to Zambia will be returning in July 2015 to continue their work in helping the school in Tembwe.

The second donation from the Diocese of Edinburgh will pay for a borehole to supply fresh water for the very first time to the villages in the district and will replace the small, deep and very muddy well, currently the only source of water in the district and for the new schoo. When the borehole and water pipes have been installed (October 2014), we will be able to complete the first block of 4 classrooms... then the school can open.

The David Livingstone Bicentenary & Livingstone 2013 Initiative has raised £21,000 (USD35,000) for this new school to date. If you would like to donate, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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