Other projects within the ACP, Zambia


In addition to the Lusaka-based project, the Anglican Church runs two other projects here in Zambia.


St Mary's School for Girls, Chama

Father Katete, Director of the Anglican Street Children's Programme is hugely excited with progress on this new school for vulnerable girls and orphans in Tembwe District, Chama, a district in north-eastern Zambia where there are still child marriages and little or no opportunity of  secondary education for many girls. This project has been greatly assisted by The David Livingstone Bicentenary & Livingstone 2013 Initiative in Zambia. Read more...


Livingstone Anglican Children's Project

The Livingstone project was founded to reduce the impact of HIV / AIDS on vulnerable children and orphans. These are children who are either infected and affected by the virus and many of whom find themselves working on the streets at a very young age. We work for the benefit of everyone, irrespective of their beliefs, race, gender or faith. Our vision is to build communities in which families are free of HIV / AIDS and are able to sustain all children both economically and emotionally.


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