Projects directly under the Canaan Office, Lusaka

In June 2010 we started Canaan Nursery and Primary School school for street children in Lusaka and it opened with just 3 children to begin with. Now we have 130 children from Nursery to Grade 7, and the plans are to expand the school to about 200 children. The Japanese Embassy donated a bus to transport the children to and from school and there are seven volunteer teachers at the school and seven other volunteers doing work including project management, cleaning and driving.



Chelston Canaan Centre

  • Canaan Nursery and Primary School – 130 children from nursery to grade 7. Six volunteer teachers
  • Psychosocial support programmes (recreation programmes and counselling for children and parents/guardians)
  • Skills training: bakery, poultry and gardening -Hoping to start soon
  • Office: Four volunteers -cleaner, Driver, Administrative Assistant and Director


St. Agnes

  • Adult literacy classes – 3 volunteers teachers
  • Computer Literacy Classes – 1 volunteer



  • St. Matthias community School – 220 children from nursery to grade 3. Four volunteer teachers. St Matthias Interaction report
  • Psychosocial counselling



  • Educational support to children
  • HIV/AIDS programme
  • Four volunteers monitoring the activities as coordinators and field workers



  • Educational support to children
  • Health programme

No volunteers yet – operated from Lusaka



Jacinta, one of our Australian VSO volunteers making sure the kids join in the fun.

Lost in the crowd

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