Letter from Hazel Nanyangwe to the Project

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to show my gratitude to Anglican Children's Project for the job well done on ensuring better conditions of children.

I am a girl and 17 years of age. I am in grade 12 at Kalonga High School.

I was impressed with the information I found in the tract (brochure) for the Anglican Children's Project, and this really moved me, because one of my goals is to build an orphanage. I really love your passion towards children. May God continue to live and work in your hearts.

The love and care you show for those children at the orphanage has no boundaries, it also flows out to the community, we feel it and get touched. That is why I seized this opportunity to thank you and ask you to continue doing the same job for a better tomorrow.

Yours faithfully

Hazel Nanyangwe





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