Children are Zambia's Future ...

The Anglican Street Children's Programme
 in Zambia was set up t
o nurture and empower orphans as well as vulnerable children and families for a brighter future.

The project aims to bring children back into the education system and away from child labour and a life on the streets. We have set up transitional schools to help young children adjust to a more normal life so that when they move back into full-time education, they can integrate more easily. By doing this, we also recognise that the families and guardians of these children need to find other sources of legitimate income in order to continue to support their families now that the children are no longer working, so we have set up projects throughout Zambia to help and encourage them to help themselves to make a living.

'Street kids' deserve a chance....

We want them to be able to smile again.

Lost in the crowd


Young children breaking stones in a quarry to raise money for food and school


Young Zambian boy in class

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